6. Implementing and Monitoring

The implementing and monitoring   phase consists of steps to implement and monitor the specific action plans by the ministries/agencies and by the NSS   as a whole.

The NSDS document is widely disseminated and communicated to the ministries/agencies to guide implementation and monitoring of action plans. It should also be disseminated to NSS stakeholders at large as well as development partners and the larger data ecosystem actors. Results of routine monitoring and a mid-term review, which should be published, may identify necessary changes to be made and inform updating of the NSDS implementation plan  , including agency action plans. 

6.1 Disseminate and communicate the NSDS document

6.2 Mobilise resources to implement the NSDS

6.3 Implement the NSDS action plans

6.4 Monitor and report progress periodically

6.5 Update annual plan works

6.6 Conduct mid-term review and make it publically available

6.7 Readjust according to mid-term review