Step 6.7 Readjust the goals, action plans and budget according to the mid-term review

The midterm review (Step 6.6) of the NSDS is expected to identify areas with good results and determine areas that may need changes in terms of focus, design, approach, or method of implementation to remain on course toward achieving the strategic outcomes.  The review should provide concrete recommendations for improving strategies, processes, and actions that may require modification of some goals or strategic outcomes, revision of action plans, and changes in the budget. Adjustments in the NSDS goals, action plans and budget (Step 5.1) should be informed by possible in the changes in the national development plan   and goals.
Concrete actions

  • Analyse the midterm review report focusing on the management response to inform the updating of goals, action plans, and/or budget, if needed.
  • Update the NSDS results framework (Step 4.2) and the M&E framework (Step 5.4) if there are changes in the strategic outcomes and key outputs.
  • Update the NSDS implementation plan (Step 5.1) and agency action plans.
  • Seek approval and endorsement of the updated NSDS results framework, M&E framework, and NSDS implementation plan from the highest statistical body   and highest statistical authority  .
  • Publish and disseminate the updated NSDS results framework, M&E framework, and NSDS implementation and agency action plans.
  • Coordinate and monitor implementation of updated action plans by ministries/agencies.
  • Discuss changes and explore solutions with the private sector, civil society, academic and research community, and international development partners.

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