4. Envisioning and identifying strategic goals

This phase produces the strategic philosophy and results framework of the NSDS. 

The strategic philosophy defines the medium- to long-term vision and mission of and for the national statistical system as well as the core values or guiding principles toward its realization. The results framework is built upon the strategic philosophy by identifying time-bound, measurable goals (outcomes) and key outputs (group of outputs). Indicators and targets provide basis for implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of results. 

Committed participation and ownership of accountability by stakeholders are crucial in identifying relevant and viable strategic solutions (goals) to problems. A visioning exercise involving the key stakeholders of statistics in the country is therefore essential to ensuring a consultative and participatory process and a relevant, comprehensive, and inclusive NSDS. 

4.1 Define the NSS vision, mission, and core values

4.2 Identify priority strategic goals 

4.3 Validate the NSDS strategic framework