A. Preliminary Stage

The preliminary stage establishes an enabling environment to build the NSDS by:

  • establishing the policy and organizational frameworks for the NSDS that align it to national development plan data demand,
  • increasing awareness among and ensuring the participation of stakeholders and
  • formulating the plan of action to produce the NSDS.

It is imperative to have a clear statement of the policy basis and the key advocacy messages for the NSDS, whether it is the first or an updated one. It is also important that key stakeholders understand the concepts, principles, and methods as well as the benefits of the NSDS. There must be a concrete timeline and essential organizational mechanisms in place to manage, coordinate, and monitor the entire process.

The preliminary work is carried out in two phases: engaging with the stakeholders of statistics and preparing the institutional framework for the NSDS design and deployment.

1. Engaging with stakeholders

2. Preparing