Step 1.2: Design and prepare the NSDS Roadmap

The NSDS Roadmap provides a coherent framework and serves as the common reference and guide for the NSO and all stakeholders   in the national statistical system   in the design of the NSDS using the policy document as an input.

Moreover, it should :

  • Explain the NSDS principles and guidelines to be adopted.
  • Explain the key features of a Capacity Development 4.0 approach to be embeded in the NSDS.
  • Identify the specific steps and timeline of delivery of outputs and the resources necessary to produce the document, including the indicative sources of financing.  
  • Clarify the governance structure, roles and accountabilities, institutional coordination and reporting linkages and flows in the preparation of the NSDS.

The NSDS roadmap is not to be confused with the NSDS itself as it only provides the rationale, critical considerations and process for designing the NSDS.

Concrete Actions:

  • Appoint or designate a small, dedicated team led by a middle to senior management level officer to prepare the NSDS roadmap.
    • The appointment of a dedicated team is to make sure that NSDS roadmap will be delivered. The designation of a middle to senior management officer ensures direct line of communication with the head of the NSO regarding decisions on the adoption, approval and endorsement of processes and outputs.
      • The dedicated team is comprised of delegates of the NSS and representatives of the national data-ecosystem. It is coordinated by the NSO.
  • Integrate into the NSDS Roadmap an overview of the NSS and the tools needed to use in the different stages of the NSDS development.
    • It is important that the key stakeholders are in agreement with the rationale, principles and guidelines, processes, outputs and timeline, and the financing of the NSDS roadmap, as well as their roles and responsibilities.
  • Validate the NSDS roadmap with key stakeholders.
  • Ensure that resources in terms of funding for activities and staff and executive time needed to implement the NSDS Roadmap are well-defined and the sources identified.
    • A well-laid out resource plan based on coordination with the national development/ planning and finance agencies and relevant international development agency/ies will facilitate mobilization of resources and the preparation of the NSDS.
  • Secure approval and endorsement of the NSDS Roadmap by the highest statistical body   and/or the highest statistical authority  .
    • The approval and endorsement of the NSDS Roadmap affirms the government’s recognition of the important role of statistics in national development and consolidates stakeholder support for the preparation of the NSDS.

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