Step 1.1 Develop a policy document on the need for the NSDS

The NSDS policy document is the government’s official statement recognizing the need for statistical development and announcing the formulation of the NSDS. The policy document serves to encourage cooperation of all relevant government agencies and advocate for support from other stakeholders  .

The policy document should:

Concrete Actions:

  • Identify and classify the key stakeholders of statistics according to roles, data uses, development sectors or statistical domains (mapping of stakeholders).
    • Knowing and understanding the stakeholders of statistics and their varying roles, capacities and needs will contribute to an NSDS that is relevant, responsive and inclusive
  • Have the NSDS policy document approved and endorsed by the highest statistical body  , if any exists, and/or the highest statistical authority   in your country.
  • Disseminate the policy document to key stakeholders and influencers in government, private sector, civil society, academia, and international development partners through official means.
    • Transmitting the policy document officially sends a clear message recognizing statistical development as a key policy thrust and priority of the state
  • Publish the NSDS policy document on the government’s official website and websites of NSO and other key agencies (or through a link to the NSO website).
    • The wide publication of the policy document will ensure reach of the key message and help with statistical advocacy among all other stakeholders of statistics including the public