Step 6.5 Update annual work plans 

The NSDS must remain dynamic and adaptable to current and emerging developments and challenges. Annual action plans   must be updated based on M&E results and status (Step 6.4) of the organization’s resources.

Concrete actions

  • Revise annual agency action plans based on the recommendations in the M&E reports, both the ministries’/agencies’ and the consolidated reports.
    • Highlight changes in the statistical development activities and budget that may impact shared outputs (e.g., sectoral, subject-matter, or geographical) and the strategic outcomes.
    • Update the NSDS action plans (Step 5.1) and budget according to the government-wide annual updating of agency work plans and budget or the updating of the NDP  .
    • Assess and take into consideration the development partners’ work and expenditure planning cycles and processes.
  • Publish the annual agency work plans with the key changes noted for transparency.

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