Step 4.1 Define the NSS vision, mission, and core values

The vision statement should encapsulate the medium-term, overall goal of the NSS   which the new NSDS should help achieve. The vision represents the overall solution to the key problems in the NSS identified during the assessment. The NSS vision must be relevant and linked directly to the national development goals, and must be time-bound and measurable.

The mission statement represents the expression of the collective organizational mandate and functions of the NSS toward achieving the vision. The mission is based on the primary role of the NSS as defined in the statistics act, if any exists.

The core values are the relevant, shared fundamental principles and ethical standards that guide and govern the functioning of the NSS. They cover management practices, organizational development and communication, policies and standards, business processes, and user relations in the NSS. The core values should be consistent with existing relevant global frameworks such as the UN Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics and Open Data. 

Together, the vision, mission and core values form the strategic philosophy   for the NSDS. The strategic philosophy may change between NSDS periods to remain relevant and responsive to current and emerging developments.

Concrete actions

  • Consult with the highest statistical authority   and/or highest statistical body   on a draft strategic philosophy (aka the vision, mission, and core values) and statistical priorities for the NSS in the medium term.
    • A draft strategic philosophy may be prepared by NSO for discussion or validation.
    • The vision specifically corresponds to the solution to the core problem identified in the problem tree analysis during the NSS Assessment.
    • The vision must directly address the overarching national development goal/s.
  • Conduct a visioning exercise   among all relevant stakeholders to formulate or finalize the draft strategic philosophy (aka vision, mission, and core values); 
    • ideally or preferably, should be spearheaded by the highest statistical authority and highest statistical body.
    • may be a segment of the NSDS training workshop or a separate activity.

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