Step 2.1: Appoint/Organise an NSDS coordination team, a technical committee and sectoral working groups

The appointment of the NSDS coordination team, steering committee and technical working groups is key for a smooth running of the process.

NSDS Coordination Team


  • Assist the head of the NSO in managing the NSDS process;
  • Coordinate the process to ensure collaboration with all key stakeholders;
  • NSO head retains principal accountability for the NSDS;

Composition of the team:

  • Team leader, preferably of at least middle management level position at the NSO (to ensure a direct line of communication with the head of the NSO regarding key decisions);
  • Members of technical staff level from the planning and coordination unit or different functional units at the NSO and/or NSS.

NSDS Steering Committee


  • Provide guidance and overall directions;
  • Undertakes final validation of inputs and outputs throughout the NSDS process;
  • Endorse the final NSDS document and where applicable, submit it to the highest statistical authority   for adoption

Composition of the steering committee:

  • The highest statistical body  , if any exists; or
  • Senior level position from key government agencies that has oversight of statistics function and/or major data producers in the agencies; and
  • Selected data-ecosystem     stakeholders in the private sector, civil society, academia, and international development community;

Technical working groups Mandate/task:

  • Contribute in the assessment and strategic planning at the sectoral level or for a specific subject matter.

Composition of the working groups:

  • May be formed based on traditional fields of statistics (education, health, disability, agriculture, etc.) or specific concerns in statistics (subnational, gender, governance, capacity development, etc.).
  • Senior level or technical staff with adequate knowledge of statistics in their agencies or sectors
  • Selected data-ecosystem stakeholders representing the relevant data users and data development partners (private sector, civil society, academia and international development community).

Concrete Actions:

Define clear terms of reference of the NSDS coordination team, steering committee, and the technical working groups. (Well-defined terms of reference will delineate scope of work and outputs, facilitate the work of each group, establish information reporting flow, and help manage expectations among all stakeholders.)

Terms of reference of the NSDS Coordination Team:



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